Compliments from another Realtor

"You have a total commitment to the industry, profession and your clients!"

Senior Partner & Loan Officer at Cobalt Mortgage

"I just love your energy and how you drive your business with so much intent and direction."

Thank you to the Tice family in Seattle!

Stephanie says....
"Julie was very attentive, organized, and level-headed throughout the whole home-buying process. She showed us many, many, homes and never lost patience, energy, or enthusiasm. We were able to ask her advice and make our own decisions without feeling pressured or left on our own to figure out the real estate "game." As first time home-buyers it was very reassuring to know she was always there when we needed her and working behind the scenes with all the other parties involved to complete the transaction efficiently and correctly. We couldn't be happier with our purchasing decision and recommend her to all our friends and family!"

Whit says...
"My experience with Julie comes down to a handfulof powerful and influential aspects. Those key aspects about Julie include the following:
- She is on top of her market through her persistent and thorough approach.
- She exemplifies strong customer service via being personable, patient, and energetic.
- She builds up her customers ability to follow through with deals by going the extra mile to assure understanding and informed decisions.
- She knows the right people to make good things happen. I know that she is keen on networking and partnering with those that will enable success for her and her customers.
Not only would I be interested in working with Julie again, I have recommended her to others!"

A first home for Mr.Cogley!

"Julie is a class-act and expertly guided me through every step of my first home purchase. I now have the house I always wanted but never thought I could afford, thanks to her determined tenacity and professionalism."

Thank you to the Hatton family!

"Julie is a wonderful Real Estate Agent, she put our needs, interests and wants first and foremost. As a first time home buyer she really helped us understand what steps needed to be taken and by when so we could have a successful and smooth home buying experience AND IT WAS! I would be thrilled to work with Julie again in the future and recommend her for anyone in need of Real Estate needs. She is very innovative, reliable and knows her business. She is not afraid to go above and beyond what is the 'norm' in the industry all with a very kind and positive attitude! I just can't say enough. Thank you for all of your expert advise, time and patience. Working with you was a pleasure and you really made it a pleasant, easy experience. Thanks for everthing!"

Compliments from a Bank of America lender!

"You are a great agent and you always do so much for your clients. People should use you."

Thank you to Don Crawley, President/Chief Technologist of!

"Julie Hall has a rare combination of business savvy, empathy for her clients, and charisma. She is a joy to work with and a delight to be around. I've worked with her on several Toastmasters projects and each time she has delivered outstanding results. I've also seen first-hand how she works with her real estate clients to deliver amazing results in terms of matching buyers with exactly the right house while, at the same time, delivering amazing value."

You found the perfect getaway! Thank you for your support.

"Julie Hall did an outstanding job helping me purchase a beach front home on Vashon Island. Julie was knowledgeable, attentive to detail, and tireless in her efforts to insure that the transaction closed. I enthusiastically recommend Julie to anyone in need of a top flight real estate agent."

Compliments from a Windermere Mortgage Lender

"I have worked with several different Real Estate agents over the last few years. Julie Hall goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients have a clear understanding of all aspects to purchasing a home. I tease her about having a "bull dog" approach; she is determined to find what product fits her client the best."

You're welcome Jamieson!

"Julie is a capable and competent individual. She retains an on-going interest in design and refined living environments. She has an acute focus on the details of real estate property sales and purchase. I am completely satisfied and grateful for her expertise in purchasing my home. She made all the difference in concluding the purchase smoothly and satisfactorily. I would use her services again!! Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity."

"I just want to say thank you to both of you (lender & I) for all of your assistance and extra effort in keeping my loan process on track. Your tireless effort and willingness to take action in not only making corrections but insuring that those corrections are implemented are greatly appreciated. I am really grateful for the service and attention to detail that you have provided. I am very fortunate to have you handling my home purchase."

Compliments from Golf Savings lender

"Your Realtor has been terrific and has stayed on top of the file throughout this process. She could teach a few things to the Realtors down in our neck of the woods."

Thank you to WIN Home Inspection! I'm happy to have you on my team.

"Julie Hall, Realtor Extraordinaire, works hard on behalf of each one of her clients and friends. Julie always has her clients best interests in mind! Her strong construction background has aided her in the ability to find just PERFECT homes! I would recommended anyone looking to buy or sell a home to work with Julie and the rest of her team! Thank you Julie for such wonderful inspections!"

Thank you to the Roberton family in Maple Valley!

"Julie Hall is a powerhouse of energy and ideas when it comes to selling homes. I have had the personal pleasure of her help getting my condo unit ready to sell. Julie knew just the right painter who would do a wonderful job of painting, at a bargain price. She has exciting ideas for staging, and is right in there moving furniture. She even lent me her espresso machine to set the "stage" in the kitchen. She worked side by side with the photographer making sure that the pictures that would go on line and on the For-Sale flyer showed the unit with its best attributes. Julie kept my plants watered while I was out of town, and ran the vacuum when it needed it. I absolutely recommend Julie Hall."

Thank you & I'm glad you love your first home!

"Julie's service is excellent and fast. She is motivated, has a great attitude, and is honest. Even though I grew up and went to school with Julie, she did not let her personal relationship with me cloud her professional judgement when I hired her as my Real Estate Agent. She did all of her research on available houses in the area I was looking for and the price I was looking for. She was on-time and prepared for everything. I feel like I got the best deal at the time for my money. I strongly encourage my friends and everyone to go through her services when looking for a house (p.s. She also knows a great deal about wine)!"

Thank you to the Bergman family! Your view is outstanding.

"Julie did an outstanding job helping me find my new home -- we visited dozens of condos that she found, throughout the Seattle area, and despite my pickiness -- we found it, and she held my hand and helped me throughout the negotiations process. Julie was not just a realtor, but a trusted advisor, and I really appreciated it. Highly, highly recommend her for her enthusiasm, personable nature, responsiveness and hard work! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time."

You're welcome! Helping you buy & sell was wonderful. Cheers to the Keehn family!

"Julie Hall sold our house on Vashon Island on a very short deadline. Julie handled us expertly and got the house sold for a VERY good price. Her persistence in making sure the house always looked terrific for visitors and the ability to get a hold of her at any hour on any day made her the best agent we have ever worked with. Julie is extremely professional, and very creative in marketing/presenting homes . She has great follow-through, and is very easy to work with. She always has the clients best interest in mind. I have been impressed with her proactive nature, and willingness to "go the extra mile" to keep her clients satisfied. She has been a joy to work with. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."

Thank you to the Hoskyn family!

"I've known Julie for about 15 years. We both grew up in a small town and she hasn't changed a bit except for the better! She is still the girl next door, your friend, the perfect real estate agent! We started this adventure at the beginning of 2009. I thought it would be a challenge because our price range was a little on the lower side but we did not want a condo! We have 2 dogs and we needed some space & privacy! It took some time, but Julie found the perfect one! She is very driven, dedicated and hard working!

Julie is very energetic, caring, and pays very close attention to detail. She listened & remembered everything we had told her we wanted (and did not want) and she found it. She held our hand through everything and explained it all very clearly. She went above and beyond for us. I could not have wished for a better agent! I highly recommend her to everyone! Either the first-time home buyers like us who needed every little bit of help along the way or the experienced buyer! Julie, thank you so much for the greatest first-time home buying experience!"

A compliment from a Wells Fargo lender

"Julie Hall consistently sets the bar high for others in the real estate community. She has created an excellent reputation with her clients by constantly over delivering on their expectations and providing excellent customer service. Throughout the transactions I've completed with Julie, her clients have always felt they were well informed from start to finish. Julie is an advocate for her clients; when issues arise she always steps in and does what ever it takes to get the job done."

Compliments from another Realtor

"Thank you for the awesome feedback. Your honesty is exactly what I was hoping for. You are a credit to the industry."

Cheers to my FIRST client EVER!! Thank you Kristin!

"I chose Julie Hall as my realtor in March 2007 when I first decided to buy a condo. I had never looked at real estate before and Julie guided me through every step of the process. She quickly grasped exactly what I was looking for and I ended up buying the 2nd place she showed me. Within 2 weeks, I found the place I wanted and made an offer! I am happy and proud to say that I was Julie's very first sale as a realtor! I highly recommend her to other potential buyers because of her diligence and commitment to real estate and her strong focus on customer service. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value."

You're welcome Carrie!

"I chose Julie to help me buy my first house, which, for a buyer can be a daunting and challenging ordeal. Julie handled every single detail with ease and made sure that I was taken care of every step of the way. With her skills and expertise, she made the whole process appear effortless. I highly recommend her!"

I was happy to help you refocus and get back on track!

"I started working with Julie after a previous attempt to buy a home (from a different agent) fell apart. I was disheartened and wasn't sure about buying anymore but Julie turned the entire experience around for me. She helped me through each step and eased my worries and stress. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home! She's great to work with, knowledgeable about homes, and doesn't stop until you get what you are looking for. When I get my next place I know I'll be going to Julie again."